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Sam Lampert

Owner, Arctic Builders

Sam’s career in construction began as an apprentice for a high-level contractor in Westport, Connecticut. Demonstrating a strong work ethic and interest in learning the business, he gradually took on more responsibility while gaining hands-on experience working on large scale commercial developments and residential jobs throughout the area. In doing so, Sam developed a diverse skill set in addition to becoming a talented carpenter. This led to the launch of Arctic Construction LLC in June of 2016 which soon after became known under the current name - Arctic Builders LLC.

In the beginning, Sam took on a lot of small jobs for friends, family, and neighbors in the local community. As time went on, the scale of the projects began to grow while involving more trades, detailed designs, and increasingly complex scopes of work. Through hard work and commitment to excellence, the company continued to grow and expand into the full-scale new home construction company that it is today.

The mission at Arctic Builders LLC is to design and build modern contemporary homes with unique appeal and distinguishing features. Top quality will always be the primary focus. The company also builds custom designed homes, additions, porches, & decks. Sam and his team look forward to each new project and the opportunity to build the next generation of homes for many years to come.

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